Services – Tree / Landscape / Pest Control


If you have trees on your property, you have a responsibility socially, emotionally, and communally, to keep them healthy, nourished, and well-maintained. Woodland Tree Experts can help keep your trees healthy and safe, adding value to your home and providing enjoyment of your landscape without worry or fear of accidents, so you can enjoy your trees for years to come. Whether pruning, cabling, or removal, a customized complimentary consultation will help your specialist decide how best to help your trees with services like foliage protection, feeding, and root fertilization. We have 24/7 emergency storm services. Our professional services are trustworthy and designed to give you peace of mind to help you keep your landscape as beautiful, vibrant, and safe as possible.


Our full-service Landscape division can provide services as simple as Spring and Fall cleanup, weekly maintenance, and yearly fertilization. However, we specialize in Landscape design and can provide plans for preparation and planting, including hardscaping of patios and walkways, and retaining walls and drainage systems. Our Landscape team can offer you professional suggestions along with a customized complimentary consultation to ensure you achieve your ‘dreamscape’.


Some tree species are highly targeted by insect pests or various tree diseases, while other landscape trees are relatively pest-free. Woodland Tree Experts can be a valuable resource in determining what trees and shrubs are prone to attack by insect pests or tree diseases, and provide the proper treatments, to help with the health and longevity of your trees and landscape.